Please enroll (fo’ free!) in our DARE SCHOOL to learn everything you would ever need to know about Darelicious and your Darelicious Campaign.

But in the meantime, here are some answers to questions you may have:

How does this all work?

Darelicious is the site that allows you to dare anyone, a friend, yourself, or even a group of people to take on a dare or any kind of creative challenge.  You can create a dare to benefit your favorite charity or cause. 


Example:You want to raise money for a library.  So you decide you’re going to dare the mayor.  You reach out to him and say, "Mr. Mayor, I want to raise money for the local library.  But I need some motivation to get people to pony up the cash.  If I raise $10,000, would you be willing to sing, "If You Want My Body and You Think I'm Sexy" on the steps of City Hall?"  The mayor says, “Sure, let's  do it!” You click on create a dare at Darelicious and announce to the world, "I have dared the mayor to sing some classic Rod Stewart on the steps of City Hall, but he'll only do it if we collectively donate $10,000.  You, your friends and everyone else interested in seeing the mayor sing, donate enough money to reach the goal and then create a video showing the mayor singing the song on the steps of city hall and then upload it to Darelicious.  The Darelicious community gets to vote on the video and after a majority say, “yes indeed, the mayor successfully took on the dare!,” the dare is done and the library gets its money!

I want to be involved in Darelicious.  What exactly can I do on this site?

You can create a dare, pledge money towards making a dare happen, take on the challenge posed in the dare, and finally once someone has completed the challenge, you can vote on whether the dare challenge was successfully completed.

What is a charitable dare?

Any dare you create can be designated a charitable dare which means all proceeds pledged on the dare minus credit card processing fees and a nominal administrative fee for Darelicious, benefits the designated charity or cause of your choosing. This is a great way to find a creative way to fund a new program for your school, raise money for an animal shelter, fund research for cancer, basically anything you can think of that needs funding and has a social benefit for mankind can be the beneficiary of a charitable dare.

Can someone take on a dare for less money than the stated goal amount or must the minimum goal amount be achieved in order for the campaign to be successful?

Dare participants are free to take on a dare for less than the stated goal amount.  The only elements needed for successful completion of the dare are a final video proving completion of the dare and a majority of up votes on the dare completion video.  Accordingly, If you are pledging towards a campaign please realize that your pledge may be captured and processed if in fact the goal amount was not achieved but the dare participant(s) decided to take on the dare anyway.  

Why do you guys take an admin fee for each successfully completed dare and how much is it specifically?

The president can't work for free, and neither can we. Also, he flies on Air Force One and we saw the movie Air Force One with Harrison Ford. While the similarities end there, I think you get the point. We take our percentage so that we can make this a viable enough business to keep operating the site.  We are like any other business.  We have staff, bills, overhead, fees charged to us by our credit card processor etc.  In addition, we do not just offer Darelicious as a platform.  In most instances we are also acting as a marketing partner and helping the organizations create the campaigns you see on our site.  For individuals and organizations that use Darelicious as a self-serve platform, in other words they are using Darelicious completely on their own with no help from us, the fee we charge is 10%.  If an individual or organization requests our help to create their campaign, help market their campaign, seek publicity opportunities and generally assist with best practices and active monitoring of their campaign, the fee is 20%.  Both tiers of fees are inclusive of credit card processing fees.

Are there any other fees deducted from the campaign I'm supporting with my pledge to a campaign?

If on behalf of the dare creator Darelicious incurs any out of pocket expenses such as video editing, those expense(s) will be deducted from the campaign.  If the campaign has any incentives associated, the dare creator, at his or her discretion, may recoup the cost of those incentives, and any associated fulfillment costs such as shipping and handling, from the funds raised by the campaign.  

Are my pledges tax deductible?

Unfortunately no, Darelicious is a for-profit company and such we cannot provide a tax deductible receipt.

I see advertising on the site connected to different campaigns.  Who receives that money?

The proceeds from any advertising you see on the site, where it references a campaign or not, belongs exclusively to Darelicious.  

How long after a campaign is completed does it take for a campaign beneficiary to receive payment?

Payments are made 60 days after successful completion of a campaign.  The reason for the 60 holding period is because individuals that have pledged on a campaign sometimes forget they made a pledge.  Once they see the charge on their credit card statement they dispute it with their credit company and demand a refund.  This gives us two billing cycles to ensure that a donor is well aware of the charge and is not going demand a refund.  Otherwise we would be in the position of making a full payout to a beneficiary and then actually having to refund money back that we already paid out.  

I have a video that I've never released but I know the Darelicious community will love it. Can I dare myself?

You most certainly can dare yourself. This is actually a great way to maximize the amount of money you can make. The only requirement is that the video consists of content you own and that the video was never posted anywhere else including but not limited to: YouTube, Yahoo!, Vimeo, MySpace, Facebook, etc.

What is pledging money all about?

This is really the engine behind Darelicious. Individuals that really want to see a specific dare come to fruition pledge money on that dare. The idea is to get enough individuals pledging money on a dare to then make it enticing and exciting enough for someone to come along and take on the dare challenge.

How do I pledge money towards a dare?

In order to pledge money on a dare you simply click on the pledge button, easily found on any dare widget or dare details pledge, and you will be walked through step by step. Obviously you need a valid credit card. For more information see our payment terms.  Click here.

Do I have to register for the site?

You can browse the list of dares and see videos for completed dares to your heart's content without registering and you can also pledge money towards a dare without registering. However, if you want to take part in creating a dare, taking on a dare, or voting on a dare, then you must register. So do it. You've already given all of your personal information to a bazillion other sites. What's one more?

How old do you have to be to register for the site?

We recommend that you be at least 13 years of age.

Do you share any of my personal information with third parties? Don't lie to me, be honest!

See our privacy policy by clicking here.

How do I know if someone has submitted a video for the dare I pledged money towards?

You won't know if someone has submitted a video until the time for pledging on the dare has expired. At that point anyone that has interacted with the campaign in any way, albeit through pledging, comments, up voting or down voting the campaign, will receive an automated notification.

How and who decides if the video submitted has satisfactorily completed the dare challenge?

Anyone that is a registered user can vote on whether a dare has been completed successfully. We do this to make sure that no one is trying to be cute and use fancy editing or other technological foolery to cheat the system. If it's good enough for Darelicious users, it's good enough for us.

What if the dare I pledged money towards isn't completed? What happens to the money I pledged?

The owners and operators of Darelicious spend it on gumballs and hats. No, no. If the dare is not completed, the full amount of your pledge is never charged to your account. It's like it never happened.

I'm actually more interested in taking on a dare challenge, what do I do?

You have a few options. You could always dare yourself to take on a dare or have one of your friends or family members dare you.

Who owns the videos once I upload it to your site?

You actually own the video but please be aware that by uploading your video to the site you are granting us a non-exclusive license to use and license the video in any way we deem acceptable. See our terms of service for a full explanation.  Click here.

Is there a limit to how many dares I can take on?

We would love nothing more than to hear about someone making a name for themselves by taking on dares so go ahead and take on as many dares as you would like.  Of course this means you are actually daring yourself or someone is daring you.

Is there a limit to how many dares I can create?

We want to see the site populated with imaginative dares and challenges so feel free to create as many dares as you would like. However, keep in mind that we do monitor dares to insure that the dares we have on the site are consistent with our policies and do not violate any laws.

Also, don't post more dares than you can possibly promote. It's not a "If I build it they will come" type of proposition. People will only check out your dare if they know about it and we'll do our part, but you need to do yours too.  

How can I promote a dare that I created, pledged money towards, or took on?

There are icons on every page that allow you to post on your favorite sites. You can always just copy and paste the URL of the dare page itself.

I love your site. How can I promote it?

How very utterly and supremely cool of you, thank you! Please post our homepage or any of our videos on your facebook page or any of your other social sites and/or blogs. Basically tell everyone you know how much fun you're having over here at Darelicious.